Organizing Committee

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Roles and Responsibilities of Organizing Committee Member:

  • Organizing committee member is the intellectual professionals with excellence in their field who could work as pioneers of this conference.
  • Organizing committee member can serve as editors and reviewers to maintain the quality control of research articles since IFERP receives very high numbers of articles.
  • Organizing committee member with their specialization in a particular area of interest can act as session chair to chase various scientific events.
  • Organizing committee member with extreme eminence may be selected as keynote speaker for the conference.
  • Organizing committee members should be responsible for the publicity of the conference by which updates regarding conference should reach students, staff and colleagues of the conference.

Exclusive Benefits of Organizing Committee Member:

  • The Organizing committee member will be provided with certificates for joining the conference. The certificates will be of International importance and worldwide accreditation.
  • Students, Colleagues and co-authors keeping the organizing committee member as a guide or co-author will get a concession of 10% in the conference.
  • For presenting the research papers where the organizing committee member is the first author they can avail a concession of 20%.
  • Organizing committee member will be provided as session chair if they have eminence in the particular field.
  • With extraordinary contribution for smooth execution of conference Organizing committee member may be nominated to be a prestigious keynote speaker for 10th WCASET.